Toot & Tote Table

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Finally! A portable baby changing table for any situation.

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Sit or Stand

The sit or stand changing table that gives you back your freedom.

No need to put a changing pad on dirty floors or worn out wall mounted tables. Anywhere you can sit or stand works great for this collapsible changing table.

Peace of Mind

We've all been there: you've got a messy...situation and no place to take care of your little one. As a dad, I know how frustrating it is to find that a place has a baby changing table, but its only in the women's restroom. Now you have a little peace of mind knowing that you can handle anything.

How it Folds

The portability of this changing table is in how it folds. While it's open, safety locks keep it fully extended. Pushing a set of release buttons allow the center hinges to fold the table in half. As quick as 1, 2, 3...and you can slide it back into its carry bag and you're ready to go!

Compact and Portable

With its patented design, this diaper changing table can collapse to just 18 inches long. It comes in a convenient carry bag with a shoulder strap. Wear it over your shoulder, toss it under your stroller, or even keep it in your diaper bag.

Safety First

The Toot and Tote Table fastens securely to your waist. And a chest restraint keeps your child safely buckled in. If using it while standing, a stabilizer strap rests on the back of your neck keeping it level. It has passed all testing requirements including weight testing, labeling, flammability, and lead content. Even though it has passed weight testing of 100 lbs, we recommend a max weight of 30lbs.

The safety of your child is key. Toot & Tote was tested by professionals.Safety

We know how important the safety of your child is. So even though this baby changing table was designed by parents, it was tested by a professional independant testing lab. Toot & Tote Table has been 3rd party tested for lead, flammability, and weight tested very thoroughly. The changing table has a safety chest strap to keep your child securely on the table. It also has safety locks that keep it secured in the opened position once it has been unfolded.

This baby changing table is as portable as they get.Portable

If you don't have it on you, then it's not useful. We designed this folding baby changing table to be lightweight and collapse small enough that it can be taken anywhere.

This baby changing table is strong.Strong

The aluminum frame and heavy duty hinges easily hold up the recommended 30 lbs while standing. If using it while seated, there is practically no weight limit this baby changing table can hold as the table rests on your lap.

This baby changing table is more sanitary.Sanitary

Research shows that wall mounted baby changing tables are as dirty as toilet seats. Our baby changing table has a removable cloth surface that is waterproof and machine washable.

The baby changing table dimensionsDimensions

When opened, the table surface measures 24 in long by 16 in wide. Baby Changing Table in the open position
When closed, the table is only 18 in long, 4 in tall and 4 in wide. Baby Changing Table in the folded position